Sunday, September 19, 2010

# 7 - Mexican Feast, Olé!

It's official... #7 can be scratched off the list! Cook an ethnic meal from scratch (oooh, that felt good) I am so proud of our meal and every bit of it was so good. And for future reference, I will now only answer to the Flan Queen. Not Lise. Not Clarice. Just Flan Queen, OK?

Were Vanessa and I the only people that didn't know that coriander and cilantro are the same thing? Ya, so we scrapped it out at Loblaw's with the produce kid who actually ended up going into the back and bringing out a box of cilantro/coriander to prove both his point and the fact that we're idiots. Awesome feeling let me tell you.

So, as planned, we started off with some Fierce Mexican Mojitos. I honestly have no idea how many of those we ended up drinking, but let me tell you, they were Mmm Mmm Good. We had a whole Mojito station going and had the process down to a science.  

These Mexican mojitos were serious business (Tequila is what makes them Mexican by the way), and that's all I have to sat about that.

Next to tackle was the main dish, Fish Tacos. Three words for you... Oh my God. I'd never had a fish taco before, but now I think I'm in love. Cod battered to perfection, fresh Pico de Gallo, the spiciest chipotle sauce, and warm tacos/tortillas.

My own Chipotle, Jalapeno, Adobo creation...

Fresh Pico de Gallo
Beer Battered Cod

The Finished Product Part 1

The Finished Product Part 2
Dinner for Two

And then came dessert. I had no idea that these hands of mine could actually make something so devine. I think maybe I invented flan in a past life or something, because this was the most perfect flan ever, and I really really really didn't have a clue what I was doing. So this goes back to why I will only respond to "Flan Queen" from here on out.

It make not look so pretty, but it was the BEST FLAN EVER!!

I've really hoped that as I make my way through the list that I learn something new, that I make memories that will last and that I live life intentionally. So, what am I taking away from this experience, this Mexican Feast? Several things:
  1. Cilantro and coriander are the same thing.
  2. Just because the recipe says so, doesn't mean it is so.
  3. If it's that spicy going in, it's going to be that spicy going out. : )
  4. A raw avocado does NOT ripen if you put it in the toaster oven.
  5. If you actually clean while you cook (as opposed to just saying you will), the kitchen doesn't look like a disaster zone for the next 3 days.
  6. I truly have the best best-friend in the whole world. One who supports me, who trusts me and is trust-worthy, who laughs at all my jokes, and with who I can have an awesome time just talking, cooking and drinking the night away. I love her to bits and pieces.
Super-cute Vanessa gettin down with fish
Kind of suprisingly, it was an all-around successful night, no casualties and the kitchen didn't burn down. The food was amazing, the company was perfect, the drinks were flowing, what more could we have asked for?

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