Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is this allowed?

So I've been thinking, and thinking, and thinking... and there are more things I want to put on the list. There are some things that I always say I'm going to do... and then never do. I have no idea why, maybe's it's forgetfulness, or laziness, or good old-fashioned procrastination. Who knows? But the point is, I figure if I added them to the list then I would have to do them. All of that to present to you #s 40 through 50 of this year's "To Do" list.

#40 - See Cirque du Soleil (because if have to hear myself say "I want to go see Cirque du Soleil" 1 more time, I may jump off a bridge)
#41 - Express my creativity in the most possible ways (super vague I know, but I have lots of ideas for this one)
#42 - Fly a plane (again)
#43 - Go skinny dipping
#44 - Go to all those art shows/exhibitions that I always say I'm going to go to but never do
#45 - Have a slumber party like in the old days (including pillow fights, gossipping about boys, junk food, movies - and this time we don't have to sneak the booze)
#46 - Paint a painting
#47 - Get my big tattoo finished
#48 - Renovate my bedroom closet myself (OK, OK, maybe I'll enlist a little help from Rosie and Luis)
#49 - Visit a province I've never been to before
#50 - Ride in a hot air balloon

OK - Now that's it, no more additions to the list. Now I gotta get on it!

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